Why Karma Volunteer Vacations?

Nance Miller, board member/advisor, educator, artist, orphan & 20 year volunteer veteran – responds to frequently asked questions.

KVV's mission is to link travelers with orphanages and foster homes around the world. Our goal is to make it easier for those traveling on vacation or for work, alone or with the family or friends, to spend time volunteering in a nearby orphanage. KVV is the world's only website not charging hundreds or thousands of dollars to volunteer in orphanages and foster homes. There are millions of orphans the world over who would greatly benefit from the positive energy, love and attention that you, the volunteer, can offer.

Joining KVV gives you access to orphanages around the world without being tied down to tour company schedules and without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. It is our belief that your time, energy and compassion are invaluable to the children in these orphanages. Look, you're going anyway, why not step off the beach, or away from the Board Room, or museum, and change your life just a bit, as well as the lives of the children you visit.

KVV will help you connect with the orphanage that is closest to where you are going. Whether enjoying a family vacation, traveling during a gap year or seeking a diversion while on a business trip, volunteering in an orphanage or foster home is sure to enhance your travel experience and provide you and the children with a life altering experience.

The orphanages and foster homes on this site were evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. A need for volunteers

  2. A safe and healthy setting

  3. Ease of communication with orphanage staff and administration

  4. Proximity to major cities and/or vacation destinations and landmarks

All of the orphanages and foster homes on this website have been thoroughly researched based on one of two means:

  1. We at KVV have personally visited and established connections with many orphanages and foster homes around the world.

  2. OR

  3. The orphanage or foster home has been recommended to us by a third party, such as parents of adopted children, public health professionals and trusted volunteers who have visited the orphanage.

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