The Ambassador Program

Help us help children in orphanages

By joining the KVV movement you are helping support marginalized children around the world.

Our Ambassador Program offers several options:

1) If you've already visited an orphanage and are able to provide us contact information of the person(s) in charge, we'd love to hear from you. Your ability to talk about the orphanage and your experience enables us to more quickly determine if the orphanage is open to being listed on our site.

2) If you've adopted from an orphanage that would value volunteer support. Of course you'll have great insights as to how it is run and who we might speak with to determine compatibility with KVV.

3) If you're planning to be in a part of the world where there are orphanages we want to visit, you could be an ambassador for KVV. We'll provide the introduction, materials and discussion points. You'll meet the orphanage's leaders, take some photos, work from our talking points and report back.

4) If you have a specific skill, background or interest in marketing, social media or grant writing, we want to hear from you. Running KVV is a huge undertaking and without the help and kindness of people like you, this venture wouldn't work.

To become an Ambassador, send an email to outlining the reasons for your interest in this program as well as any relevant background information, travel plans, experience and skills that will benefit KVV.

Note: To visit an orphanage for us, you'll have to submit to the same background check when you become a volunteer. Once completed, we'll introduce you to the orphanage in the area you'll be visiting (unless, of course, you have a personal connection to an orphanage that is not yet on our radar). We'll arrange a phone conversation to provide you with the talking points and details to cover when approaching an orphanage. Then you're off to play a role in bringing desperately needed volunteers to a global orphanage.

Active Countries

Cote D'IvoireIndiaMexicoNepalThailand

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