Everyone Can Volunteer

KVV is a bridge for all people to access volunteer opportunities. Here's a sampling of groups that might decide to join KVV:

  1. Schools/Academia

    People who love to learn, people who love to teach, and those who support them are naturals in a volunteer environment. Teachers of every kind and students studying any subject make excellent volunteers. Travel alone or with friends or work colleagues. Elementary school teachers to college professors and everything in between.

  2. Healthcare Professionals

    Advocates, practitioners, those that work with the physical body or therapists of all sorts, holistic healers, clinicians and students of any healing art – in environments where none of these exist your presence will be most welcomed.

  3. Families

    Whether a single parent with child(ren), intergenerational or extended family, or a couple interested in deviating from the typical beach or big city experience, there's nothing more bonding than working in an orphanage together as a family. For those parents wishing to instill social consciousness and a sense of the "real world" there is no better venue.

  4. College Students

    Undergrads, graduate students, to those still unsure or taking a Gap Year, here's a chance to understand first-hand child development, international relations, healthcare administration, public administration or how NGOs work overseas. The exposure is deep and multi-faceted.

  5. Retired Persons

    Those with great flexibility make great volunteers because one never wants to leave. If you've raised a family, or never have and want to experience working with children, or just love doing good in the world, consider volunteering.

  6. The Errant Business Person

    . who, while on an overseas trip, recognizes the importance of balance and needs to counter the board meetings and stress of work with the grace of working with children. Take a few hours, a morning or afternoon or extend your trip for a day.

  7. People who love to travel

    Of course! You love to travel, experience new cultures, customs, food and the experience of locals. Orphanages are full of now only children, but also locals who work with the children. Many will invite you to their homes for meals, and they'll be happy to show you around too.

The first KVV volunteer reports back

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